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photo credits

The photos that appear in this website were taken over a period of years, from 1959 to 2016. I have tried to track down all of the photographers, but because of this timescale it has not always been possible. Should anyone have fresh information on any of the photos do please contact me and I would be happy to include it.

my thanks to:

Prakash Acharya
Kurt Adkins
Ken Appleby
Sally Baldwin
Clive Barda
Alex Bowling
Alan Boyd
Wenda Bradley
Andy Brentnall
Bernard Broche
Richard Brunton
Brian Davis
Richard Drew
Robert Graham
Giles Greenwood
Mike Hawker
David Hawley
Forbes Henderson
Jim Holden
Christina Jansen
Kay Foster
Mo Foster
Susan Greenhill
M Hallson
David Left
Mary Malone
Phil Mann
Margaret Maxwell
Tim Motion
Graham Murrey
Steve Orlando
Jane Plant
Ray Russell
Nick Ryan
Charlie Seaward
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Jonathan Stewart
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Maggie Taylor
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Roger Wake
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Bernard Watkins
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